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Steps to simplify selling a home during a divorce

Going through a divorce in Virginia can be a trying ordeal. There are some emotions involved in the process that can be difficult to deal with, and divorce only gets more complicated when the divorcing couple needs to sell their home. In order to sell their home, a divorcing couple needs to work together even though they may not be able to stand one another.

What Do You Do If Your Spouse Does Not Want To Get Divorced

Oftentimes, one spouse may want to get divorced immediately but the other spouse has no desire to get divorced. Let's say you are the spouse who wants an immediate divorce. Your spouse does not want to get divorced for whatever reasons. One reason may be that he/she has medical conditions and wants to remain on the other spouse's health insurance policy for as long as possible and not have to pay for his/her own health insurance. This can be dealt with by addressing the insurance needs of the party and finding the best policy available.

How To Protect Your Child Support Or Alimony? Life Insurance

Child support and alimony payments end on the payor's death. What if the payor dies before the end of child support or alimony duration? One way to protect these payments-and to ensure that you continue to get child and spousal support--if the payor dies is to obtain or maintain an existing a life insurance policy on the payor's life.

Social media, texting may help children cope with divorce

Social isolation and cyberbullying are some of the less savory aspects of modern communications that may have some Virginia parents understandably concerned. However, there are some positive things about the way kids today prefer to communicate, especially when family dynamics change because of a divorce. A new study concluded that such technology can help maintain important parent-child relationships post-divorce.

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