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Why divorce may be 'contagious'

While divorce may not be medically contagious, couples in Virginia with separated friends are more likely to end their marriages. Studies out of Harvard, Brown and the University of California at San Diego show that spouses are around 75 percent more likely to get divorced when they have a friend who is divorced. Furthermore, a spouse is 33 percent more likely to split if a friend of a friend gets divorced.

Financial issues after divorce

The financial unknowns that occur after divorce can lead to a lot of stress. Virginia couples who are splitting up can help alleviate some of the anxiety they may be experiencing by getting a clear picture of their financial accounts. This includes their liabilities, expenses, income and assets.

Dividing debt during your divorce

Aside from issues concerning your children, one of the most contentious elements of a divorce is the division of marital property. In Virginia and in most states, marital property is any asset you acquired from the date of your marriage. This may be a house you purchased together, appreciation of your spouse's business or interest you earned on your individual checking account. Unless you have a prenuptial agreement to keep those items separate, they are on the table during a divorce.

Explaining the different types of child support cases

Not everyone in Virginia receiving child support payments gets their funds in the same way. Some recipients draw funds directly from a non-custodial parent, and others get payments from the state. This is because there are four different types of child support cases. Each type involves different payment arrangements and circumstances. Having a better understanding of what options are available can help parents or legal guardians in need of child support have a better idea of how assistance may be provided.

Millennial couples struggling with student loan debt

Some millennials in Virginia might be struggling with student loan debt, and it could be affecting their marriages. According to a survey by the website Student Loan Hero, over 33 percent of people with student loan debt cited debt and financial issues as a factor in the divorce while 13 percent specifically blamed student loans.

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