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Month: February 2019

Planning for a successful divorce

When people in Virginia consider divorce, they may wonder what plans they need to make to move forward. After all, divorce isn't merely an emotional and personal separation; it is also a legal and financial disentanglement that can be complicated. Every year, there...

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How To Win A Custody Case

Suppose you are the parent who has less time with the children. You want more time with the children. What should you do? There are many things you should be doing. First, you should establish a custody schedule that specifies the dates and time when you have the...

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Why many marriages fail

A Virginia couple could have many reasons to end their marriage. However, there are some factors that are more common than others, according to researchers from the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI). Analysts found that one of the most common...

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Grounds For Divorce: Adultery

In Virginia, you can file for a divorce based on the your spouse's fault. One ground for filing for divorce is that your spouse is unfaithful, that is he or she has committed adultery. In Virginia, adultery is an act by one spouse of voluntarily having sexual...

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