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Divorce Mediation

If you are separated from your spouse, and are looking to be divorced, you and your spouse need to address and to resolve various issues: financial and custody (if you have children). The main issues are dividing marital assets and liabilities, spousal support, child custody and parenting time, and child support. One way to avoid a court battle over these issues is to enter mediation.

Personal loans may be useful to pay for divorce

Ending a marriage can be costly, in terms of stress, finances, time, and emotion. According to some estimates, the average divorce has legal fees of around $15,000, and there are many other expenses that may be associated with a particular divorce. Estranged Virginia couples might also be faced with the costs of changing residences, replacing personal property, and paying alimony or child support. A personal loan may make sense for some people to cover some or all of these expenses.

Children's Unreimbursed Medical Expenses. How Are The Children's Unreimbursed Medical Expenses Paid.

The parents shall pay in proportion to their gross incomes, (the same income percentages used for calculating the monthly support obligation), any reasonable and necessary unreimbursed medical or dental expenses. The method of payment of those expenses shall be contained in the child support order. Each parent shall pay his respective share of expenses as those expenses are incurred. Any amount paid under this subsection shall not be adjusted by, nor added to, the child support calculation. Medical or dental expenses shall include, but not be limited to eyeglasses, prescription medication, prosthetics, orthodontics, and mental health or developmental disabilities services, including but not limited to services provided by a social worker, psychologist, psychiatrist, counselor, or therapist.

Can The Court Order Me To Pay For Life Insurance On My Life?

In determining child support, the court shall have the authority to order a party to (i) maintain any existing life insurance policy on the life of either party provided the party so ordered has the right to designate a beneficiary and (ii) designate a child or children of the parties as the beneficiary of all or a portion of such life insurance for so long as the party so ordered has a statutory obligation to pay child support for the child or children.

Prenuptial agreements may be ideal later in life

Individuals in Virginia tend to be older and have a higher net worth when they get married for a second or third time. Furthermore, they may have children or other interests that they want to protect in the event of another divorce. Therefore, it may be a good idea to negotiate and execute a prenuptial agreement before getting married again. Creating such an agreement may also allow couples to plan for their eventual retirement.

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