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Advantages and disadvantages of nesting

Parents in Virginia who are getting a divorce might have heard about the practice of bird nesting from the TV show "Splitting Up Together," in which a separated couple uses this child custody arrangement; in addition, actor Josh Lucas has discussed his own bird nesting arrangement in an interview. Bird nesting involves parents taking turns living in a home where the children stay full time. It can be a way to help children ease into the change of divorce, but it does require a good deal of cooperation from parents.

Advance planning can smooth divorce process

Spring is a good time for cleaning the house, clearing away the clutter that's accumulated and getting ready for summer. For Virginia residents thinking about divorce, spring is a good time to organize their lives. Getting organized in advance of filing for divorce can help make that process smoother. It can also pave the way to getting the individual's new single life off to a good start.

Is your divorce wrong for mediation?

Divorce is not always the heated and contentious transaction portrayed on TV and in movies. More often, couples prefer to take a gentler approach to ending their marriages through mediation. Mediation allows a couple to make their own important decisions about their future, such as property division and custody, instead of surrendering that control to the court.

Domestic abusers and child custody

When a Virginia parent leaves an abusive relationship, there is no guarantee that the abusive parent will not fight for and even get custody. According to one domestic violence expert, attempts to get custody rights are a kind of coercive control. Coercive control may include stalking and trying to manipulate the child.

How divorced parents may help children's adjustment

Virginia parents who are concerned about how divorce will affect their children can take certain steps that will help their children adjust better and avoid behaviors that may harm them. For example, parents should try to present a unified front to their children and keep rules consistent between households. If they have disputes with one another, they should not involve the children in them.

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