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Avoid future problems when drafting your prenuptial agreement

When a Virginia couple is preparing to walk down the aisle, it is a time of great excitement and a lot of preparation. As a recently engaged person, it can be tempting to only think about planning for the day of the wedding, but you would be wise to think beyond that. Have you given thought to what could happen if your marriage ends in divorce one day?

Social Security And Divorce

If you are married for 10 years or longer, the lower-earning spouse is entitled to social security benefits on the higher earning spouse's record. These benefits do not impact or lower the higher earning spouse's social security payments. Therefore, it is critical to determine the length of the marriage if you are approaching 10 years. Waiting 10 years before getting divorced will guarantee increased retirement benefits for the lower-earning spouse without reducing the higher earning spouse's benefits.

Tax Deductibility Of Attorney's Fees

When you prepare your tax returns, ask your tax preparer whether you can deduct the legal fees you paid during the tax year to obtain support or a divorce. In most cases, you cannot deduce legal fees. However, under the Internal Revenue Service rules (I.R.C. Section 212)

Hiring Expert Witnesses in Divorce Cases

Early in the case, you and your lawyer should identify the types of experts you may need to testify in your case or to provide assistance in preparing the case for trial. Experts can be used in settlement negotiations and mediation and can even attend such sessions to promote out of court settlements. 

Inability to recover from disputes contributes to many divorces

Married couples in Virginia generally recognize that they need to make ongoing efforts to nurture their relationships. Emotional inertia and exhaustion, however, can undermine people's desire to work on their marriages. Divorces sometimes result, and an inability to recover from arguments tops the list of reasons for marriages to end.

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