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How to talk with your fiancé about a prenuptial agreement

On Behalf of | Apr 11, 2024 | Prenuptial Agreements |

Depending on your fiancé’s personality and perspective, bringing up a prenuptial agreement might be daunting. The possibility of the subject triggering an argument is a frightening notion.

Fortunately, the odds of the discussion going well improve when you adopt a savvy strategy. The bottom line is that a prenuptial agreement can strengthen your relationship by ensuring you are on the same page regarding financial matters.

Choose the right moment and place

Select a time when you both are relaxed and not distracted by other stressors. A quiet, private setting where you will not experience interruptions is ideal. Avoid periods of conflict, as this could make the conversation more difficult than necessary.

Explain the reasons for getting a prenuptial agreement

Start by sharing why you think a prenuptial agreement is a wise idea. Concentrate on the benefits, such as clarity regarding fiscal matters and economic protection for both parties. Be explicit that a prenuptial agreement is not about distrust but planning for the future and ensuring a fair arrangement for each of you.

Be open-minded

After sharing your thoughts, give your partner a chance to respond. Listening is just as important as speaking when having important conversations. Be empathetic and try to understand any reservations your other half might have.

Discuss the details

Offer to go through the specifics of a possible prenuptial agreement. Rather than dictating terms, work together to design an agreement that feels fair and reasonable. Doing this can demystify the process and make it less intimidating.

A prenuptial agreement is a positive development for couples about to tie the knot. Instead of being fearful of what the topic may bring, focus on the reality that having one creates an excellent foundation for a joyful marriage.


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