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Locating a deadbeat parent

Although divorce can be stressful and costly, the impact can be particularly devastating for children, especially if the non-custodial parent loses contact after the divorce is finalized. In some cases, loss of contact may be purposeful. A parent attempting to avoid paying child support might limit their interaction with their child and ex-spouse. A household dealing with extreme income limits could be particularly impacted by a support-owing parent ignoring a Virginia court child support order.

Getting a divorce in later years

There are many reasons why a Virginia couple decides that it is time to get a divorce after they have been married for decades. For example, couples may realize they are not longer in love, they may want something more after the kids are all grown up or they may no longer feel the pressure to stay in an unhappy marriage. Regardless of the reason, getting a divorce as an older person can be particularly difficult.

Relocating and co-parenting in Virginia

It's not uncommon for divorcing parents to have difficulty agreeing on a parenting plan. These challenges can become even worse if one person moves farther away and a new arrangement is needed. When making changes to a parenting plan, there are many pitfalls that each parent can avoid in order to reduce conflict and make things easier for the children.

Why millennials might consider a prenup

Millennials in Virginia who are getting married and have family money or own businesses might want to consider putting a prenuptial agreement in place. According to the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, the number of millennials who are using prenups is on the rise. More than half of the lawyers belonging to the organization said in a survey that they had seen an increase, and 64 percent of them reported that the increase happened during the past three years.

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