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Steps to simplify selling a home during a divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 19, 2019 | Divorce |

Going through a divorce in Virginia can be a trying ordeal. There are some emotions involved in the process that can be difficult to deal with, and divorce only gets more complicated when the divorcing couple needs to sell their home. In order to sell their home, a divorcing couple needs to work together even though they may not be able to stand one another.

There are a few things that the divorcing couple can consider prior to selling their home that will make the process smoother. First, they need to think about the condition of the home and what steps they will need to take to bring the home up to par. The goal of the sale is to make the most money possible. They may need to paint some walls, change the carpet or make minor repairs. Cooperation is required by both parties because they’re going to have to agree upon the repairs that need to be done and who will foot the bill for the repairs.

Finding and working with a good real estate agent is a must. A good agent has the ability to look at the sale of the home objectively: They see it as a business and therefore avoid falling into the trap of becoming the emotional comforter for one of the two divorcing individuals. A good real estate agent will know how to walk the delicate line of providing neutral advice while not getting between a divorcing couple.

Talking to a family law attorney may be advisable for an individual who is contemplating a divorce and trying to sell their home. Family law attorneys may be able to provide their clients advice about dividing property and the assets that come from property sales. They may be able to help their clients understand how the tax laws in their area will affect the decisions they make when it comes to dividing assets or fighting to hold onto certain properties. They may even represent their clients in court if it is required.


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