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Helping kids cope with divorce: Keep these issues in mind

Many people refer to January as divorce month. It's a fact that an increase in inquiries and petitions typically occurs during the first weeks of a new year. Perhaps, you're one of many parents in Virginia who want to head into the new year by starting a new lifestyle, one that does not include your current spouse. While filing for divorce is definitely an adult issue, as a parent, you no doubt understand that your decision will have a significant impact on your children's lives.

Calendars can be useful in a divorce case

Calendars may provide crucial evidence that could result in an individual obtaining child or spousal support in a divorce settlement. For example, an individual may have marked the dates that he or she went on vacation with a former spouse. It may also show that a couple routinely had dinners at fancy restaurants or saw shows together. This may be important because it could be proof of the lifestyle that an individual enjoyed while married.

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