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How To Win Your Custody Case: How To Deal With The Guardian Ad Litem; Part 1

As mentioned previously, a guardian ad litem (GAL) may be appointed by the court to represent your children and investigate you, the other parent, the children, and the home itself. The purpose of the GAL is to render an opinion on important matters such as whether the parties should have joint legal custody or sole legal custody, what the parenting schedule should be, whether you, the other parent, and/or the children should enter therapy, co-parenting counseling, substance abuse counseling, parenting classes, anger management classes.

Type of compensation may impact divorce timing

Finances are among the most hotly contested issues in many Virginia divorces. For people who are paid on an hourly or straight salary basis, the timing of the divorce may have little impact on finance or property division. However, for individuals with more complicated compensation structures, the timing of the divorce and other negotiation matters may be of greater importance.

Custody Cases And The Guardian Ad Litem

In some custody cases, the court may appoint a Guardian Ad Litem or a GAL. The court has a list of trained GALs and will select a GAL from that list. A GAL is a lawyer who has gone through training to be a certified GAL. His or her job is two-fold: first, the GAL will represent the children's best interests; second, the GAL will be the eyes and ears of the court. 

Keeping the family home in a divorce

When people in Virginia consider divorce, one of their major concerns may be how to handle the family home. There are different ways for divorcing couples to divide the home, and they can vary depending on home equity and whether children are involved. In some cases, both spouses decide to sell the home and divide the proceeds as part of the asset division process of the divorce. In other cases, spouses make an agreement to keep the home temporarily in order to give the children time to adjust.

Helping your divorce case move forward smoothly

Just as there are seasons in a year, there are also seasons in life. For you, the season of being married to your spouse may be coming to an end. Though you may have intended for your marriage to last the rest of your years, many with that intention come to find that it is not what is meant to be.

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