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What To Do If Your Children Have Relocated Away From You

On Behalf of | Mar 9, 2019 | Uncategorized |

If your children are living at least a few hours away, it is easy to lose touch with their lives. You must make affirmative steps to maintain your connection with your kids. Here are some ideas to do this:

You need to write into your agreement that your spouse must keep you fully and expeditiously informed of medical, educational, extra-curricular, and other important aspects of the kids’s lives. Regarding education, you need to know the name and contact information of their school, the names and contact information of all their administrators, teachers, counselors, and coaches. Make contact with the school officials and teachers and engage in weekly emails or phone calls with them so that you can keep track on how your kids are doing in school You need to get report cards, progress reports, access to school portals that show the child’s daily performance, homework assignments, and grades in real time. Make arrangements to have parent teach conferenced via Skype or phone.

You must also keep fully informed of the kids’ medical issues. You must have the name and contact information of the children’s doctors, dentists, psychologists, and any other medical professionals who treat your kids. Your spouse should tell you the status of your kids’ health, the scheduling of appointments, and any diagnoses or prognoses. You should obtain your kids’ medical records from the medical provider. You can schedule times to talk to the various medical providers. You should attempt to be available by Skype or phone during or immediately after the appointments to talk to medical professional.

You should keep fully informed of the children’s extra-curricular schedule. You must get the information about the activity, schedules, names and contact information of the sports coaches, music teachers, and the person who runs the activity. Obtain the schedules. Talk to the persons providing extra-curricular activities for regular updates.


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