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Reasons to get a prenuptial agreement

Some people in Virginia who are getting married might want to consider a prenuptial agreement. Divorce usually means having to divide property acquired during the marriage. A prenup can protect people who are entering a marriage with substantial assets, but the document also has other uses. If either person has children, a prenup can protect assets for those children.

Getting through the holidays before your divorce

When you and your spouse decided to finish the year together and divorce after the holidays, you may not have realized how challenging it would be to face those festive weeks together. As amicable and peaceful as you hope your divorce will be, you cannot deny the emotions and frustrations you have ahead of you as you participate in celebrations with family and friends.

How to maintain bonds with a child after moving away

After a divorce, some Virginia parents might have to move away from their children. Parents may be concerned both that their children will feel even more abandoned on the heels of the divorce and that the bond between them will suffer. However, there are many things long-distance parents can do to keep in touch with their children and ensure that their time together is high-quality even if it is infrequent.

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