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How to create a fair prenuptial agreement

A prenuptial agreement or a cohabiting agreement can be a good idea for couples in Virginia who are getting married or moving in together, but it is important that it is put together with input from both individuals. One woman learned this when her boyfriend gave her a cohabiting agreement that stated that if they married, she would not receive any alimony. She also would not receive any financial compensation for the home he had purchased with his mother's help no matter how much money she put into it.

Dividing retirement funds in a divorce

Retirement plans may be among the largest assets held by a Virginia couple who decides to divorce. Dividing these plans during the dissolution of a marriage can be complex, and both parties may need to revise their retirement schedules after the division is complete. In most cases, retirement plans are considered assets that belong to the marriage. Of course, the length of the marriage and the duration of a retirement plan are also factors in this equation. People in longer marriages generally need to split more of their retirement funds, especially if the fund was only started after the couple was already married.

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