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How To Win A Custody Case

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Suppose you are the parent who has less time with the children. You want more time with the children. What should you do? There are many things you should be doing.

First, you should establish a custody schedule that specifies the dates and time when you have the kids. Then make sure that you never miss a visitation. Do no cancel or reschedule your visitations. Make sure you arrive a little before the scheduled pick up time and return the kids at the designated return time-do not be late. Make sure all communications with the other parent are civil, positive and relating to child matters only. Do not send correspondence that attacks the other or accuses the other of leading to the breakup of the relationship. All correspondence should relate to the children only. Contact and meet with a child psychologist and get advice on how to parent better, how to communicate with the other parent, make sure the kids are doing well, and correct any mistakes you are making. Ask questions about what to do in specific situations you find yourself having to deal with. Focus entirely on what you can do to promote the best interests of the children; do not dwell on the other side’s actions that led to the current situation. Cooperate and co-parent with the other side. Put everything in writing between the two of you. Make sure you memorize each provision in any custody order or custody agreement and follow it to a tee. The bottom line is that every action you take should be to promote the children’s best interests and show that you are the best parent and are totally focused on the children.


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