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Getting a divorce in later years

On Behalf of | Dec 23, 2016 | Divorce |

There are many reasons why a Virginia couple decides that it is time to get a divorce after they have been married for decades. For example, couples may realize they are not longer in love, they may want something more after the kids are all grown up or they may no longer feel the pressure to stay in an unhappy marriage. Regardless of the reason, getting a divorce as an older person can be particularly difficult.

Going through the divorce process later in life can be so difficult because the former couple has often spent of lifetime of saving for retirement and building a family home. During the divorce, however, finances will have to be split and it is likely one or both individuals will be required to leave the home. This can also mean that one income may have to be stretched to cover two separate households.

In some cases, older individuals should be open to finding a job that will help them earn an income. Because it can be more difficult to find a job at this age, they should consider updating their resumes with the skills that they have. Updating their skills and keeping fit can also help fight age bias in the workplace.

If both former spouses are dedicated to going through the process as amicably as possible, an uncontested divorce may be the result, as most are. This still will require attention to a variety of issues such as property division, but the couple’s respective attorneys can often help to structure an appropriate settlement agreement that addresses them.


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