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Helping your divorce case move forward smoothly

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Just as there are seasons in a year, there are also seasons in life. For you, the season of being married to your spouse may be coming to an end. Though you may have intended for your marriage to last the rest of your years, many with that intention come to find that it is not what is meant to be.

Still, ending a marriage does not mean that you have to face conflict after conflict and have a process that drags on for years. Certainly, any divorce case can take time, but you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse can make the effort to help your case along. Having the goal of working through divorce smoothly could go a long way in maintaining an amicable relationship.

Are you sure it is the right step?

First, you may want to make sure that you have fully assessed your circumstances and your options. Some people may jump to the conclusion that divorce is the best option when other attempts at conflict resolution could work to resolve marital issues. In some cases, marriage counseling could allow parties to see where the real issues in their relationship are and gain tactics for addressing them. 

Of course, you and your spouse may have already tried to resolve your issues to no avail. As a result, divorce is the path you feel best suits your needs.

How is your relationship with your spouse?

It is not unusual for individuals going through divorce to remain amicable with one another. In many cases, the decision to end the marriage is mutual, and each party still has respect for the other. Maintaining this respect could go a long way in helping your case move forward. If you consider the future needs of your spouse and your needs, you may be able to reach a settlement agreement with which you both feel comfortable.

Do you know about mediation?

Additionally, finding the right method for ending your marriage could help your case. For instance, did you know that your case does not have to go through courtroom litigation? You may have the ability to utilize an alternative dispute resolution method like mediation. This method allows you and your soon-to-be ex to work with a third-party mediator to negotiate settlement terms. Even in mediation, however, it is wise to have your own legal counsel.

Though divorce may not have been what you intended, you can still help yourself and your spouse have an amicable split as you move your separate ways.


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