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Who gets to live in the marital home after divorce?

On Behalf of | Jan 10, 2024 | Divorce |

Getting a divorce tends to be a frightful challenge. Finalizing one’s marriage requires many tough decisions, such as who should leave the marital home.

The prospect of hashing out this matter can be daunting. That said, a sensible approach helps both parties to fashion a mutually acceptable solution.

Reaching a shared conclusion

Couples should aim for an amicable agreement. While this may seem out of reach, one remains possible if both individuals unite in a spirit of compromise. Both spouses should practice open communication when discussing the topic, as a mutual exchange of concerns and preferences will help clarify the matter.

Thinking about the children

Kids need to be a top priority. Soon-to-be exes must consider their dependents’ school locations and extracurricular activities before settling on living arrangements. Stability and continuity have a massive impact on the development of little ones.

Balancing finances

Money matters also play a significant role in deciding who will leave the marital home, especially considering the high cost of divorce. The average price tag for dissolving a marriage runs $15,000, with complex splits reaching as much as $100,000. Practical considerations, including the affordability of rent, utilities and other living expenses, deserve an objective review.

Making temporary living arrangements

Sometimes, couples decide on interim living arrangements until they reach a more permanent solution. For instance, one person could foot the bill for the other to stay in a motel. This gives both sides extra time to reflect and weigh more permanent options.

Deciding who should vacate the marital home because of a divorce is often tense. Fortunately, by approaching the topic with empathy and shared goals top of mind, couples calling it quits can untangle their lives more smoothly than they might fear.


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