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What are signs of hidden assets?

On Behalf of | Feb 2, 2023 | Divorce |

When going through divorce, you will likely have to deal with asset division of some sort. No one likes having to deal with this process, but it is necessary nonetheless.

However, some people attempt to get around this process by hiding assets. Finding these hidden assets is an important step for you to take.

Passively hidden assets

Forbes discusses some lesser-known and noticed assets during divorce. These are things like country club memberships and airline mileage which most people do not think about. However, they ultimately have a lot of worth, and your spouse might try to passively hide them from you.

Passive asset hiding generally has to do with a person simply refusing to bring up or mention an asset they remember that you do not. Many people engage with this, hoping that their partner will never recall the asset, or at least not until after the divorce.

Actively hidden assets

This differs from active asset hiding, in which a person takes steps to ensure that their spouse does not find their assets.

If you suspect your spouse of attempting to hide assets in this way, you can look out for several different red flags. For example, pay attention to their spending habits. Have they drastically reduced or increased their spending recently? It could point to asset hiding.

Many people will begin to behave strangely when hiding assets, too. If your spouse suddenly displays extremely furtive behavior regarding their assets, such as refusing to even let you see a receipt, then it might indicate hidden assets.


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