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What sets gray divorce apart from other kinds of divorces?

On Behalf of | May 2, 2022 | Divorce |

As you age, you may discover new and exciting facts about subjects you already know. The same is true for divorce.

While you may know about what to expect during or after making your split official, there are still some differences when it comes to gray divorce, which is a term used for people who choose to divorce later in life.

Reactions of children

According to Psychology Today, one aspect many older couples may not account for is how to address this topic with adult children. You may worry that they will feel forced to choose sides or feel caught in the middle if the divorce is stressful for you and your ex-spouse.

This divorce may come as a shock to them, so talking about the subject carefully can help you all to adjust to this new situation.

Plans for retirement

While retirement may seem like a distant event when you are younger, planning for it after a gray divorce is often different. You and your ex-spouse should take time to discuss asset division and what each person needs.

Since gray divorces include two parties that have been together for many years, it can be harder to divide up property and heirlooms. The longer your marriage lasts, the more you both feel a claim to what you both shared.

Insurance and healthcare

As you age, you typically require more health services or coverage. If one spouse gets healthcare from the other spouse’s job, then figuring out the steps you will need to take after a divorce to continue to get coverage is important. Learning about the unique aspects of gray divorce can help you plan out the years ahead.


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