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What should I know about child support fees?

On Behalf of | Nov 25, 2020 | Divorce |

If you pay or receive child support, you may notice that the state assesses different fees to the payment.

According to the Virginia Department of Social Services, you may have to pay interest and fees if you are the one paying child support, and you may have other fees removed from your payment if you receive support.


The law allows for the state to charge you interest on any debt you owe, and it considers child support as such a debt. If you have overdue child support payments, the state will charge you interest and pay that extra money to the other parent along with the support payment.

However, if the other parent receives any type of public assistance, then the interest you owe on overdue child support will go to the state.

Other fees

If you receive child support, you may notice the state takes some fees out of your payments. If you challenge paternity test results, then you will have to pay for testing. You may also have to pay fees if you need copies of your case documents.

Child support services will charge you a fee if you requested to have the agency close your case and then re-apply within six months. There is also a fee for services if you do not receive Temporary Assistance to Needy Families.

If you pay support, you may have to pay a fee if you owe back support and the IRS takes it from your taxes. You may have to pay attorney fees for Child support services if the agency wins in a court case against you to collect support.

You will also need to pay for any copies of documents you request, and you will have to pay for a paternity test that shows you are the father.


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