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How To Win Your Custody Case

On Behalf of | Oct 15, 2020 | Legal Custody |

You are in a court battle for custody. There are some basic concepts that you need to present to the court.

You are asking the court to give you a certain specific custody schedule. You will need to show the court how you will be able to handle your custody schedule.  One factor the court will consider is your employment schedule and flexibility. These are some issues to address:

What are your working hours?  Do you have a regular schedule? Does your work schedule change?    Do you do shift work?  What is your commuting time to and from work?  How far is your work from your children’s school and day care?  How long does it take to drive from your work to your children’s school and day care? How flexible is your work?  Can you leave work in the middle of the day to pick up your sick child from school and take him to the doctors and then home? Can you stay at home and work from home if your child is sick? Who are your backup child care providers? Are they reliable?  What is their availability?  Are family members, like your parents, able to serve as backup child care providers?   Can you change your hours on the days you have custody to leave work early? Can you have your superior at work come to court to testify to the child friend nature of your employer, your flexibility at work, ability to telecommute, leave work early in an emergency?  Can you arrange your work schedule to allow you to be off from work when you have the children? Can you work more hours when you don’t have custody of the kids and fewer hours when you have custody?  Can you work from home when you have the kids? How much do you have to travel for work?  How often do you travel?  How long are you away from home?  Can you coordinate your travel schedule to allow you to be home when you have the kids?


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