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No need to go to court with an uncontested divorce

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When you are getting ready to embark on the process of divorce, you may naturally be concerned about how acrimonious the process will be. After all, going to trial often fans the flames of frustration and anger, which, in turn, causes the divorce process to be lengthier and more arduous than what many really want it to be.

However, if both you and your spouse agree on getting divorced in Virginia, you may choose to file for an uncontested divorce. This move may save you both money and time since the court procedures associated with this type of divorce are relatively streamlined.


An uncontested divorce is usually available to a couple who has no disagreements remaining concerning basic marital split-up issues, such as spousal support, child custody and property division. Divorces that feature more complications might fall outside of the state’s parameters for uncontested divorce.

An uncontested divorce begins in the same way that a contested divorce does, with one spouse choosing to file for divorce. The paperwork requires that the filing spouse file information about child custody and property, in addition to including a statement about the grounds for the divorce.

If you file for an uncontested divorce and your spouse agrees to it or does not make a court appearance, the court can go ahead and grant it. However, if your spouse ends up not agreeing to this type of divorce and makes the appropriate court filings, you cannot move forward with an uncontested divorce.

Uncontested divorce benefits

A major benefit of this type of divorce is that you can save money thanks to the streamlined procedures and decreased court costs associated with uncontested divorces. In addition, you and your spouse can complete the divorce process more quickly than you would in a contested divorce situation. After all, you do not have as many proceedings to worry about.

This type of process is additionally more private than a contested divorce, as less information about your divorce enters the public record through the court system. An uncontested divorce may also decrease the amount of conflict surrounding your marital split-up. This ultimately makes the divorce process much more amicable, which is especially invaluable if you and your future ex will have to co-parent your shared children in the years ahead.


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