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What a divorce cannot do

On Behalf of | Jul 25, 2017 | Divorce |

Many Virginia married couples may feel that they know how the divorce process works. However, there are lots of misconceptions surrounding divorce. The process can accomplish some things, like property division and child custody disputes, but not others.

Even though a divorce can divide marital property or deal with child custody disputes in an economic way, it cannot guarantee that everything will be equal and precise. Essentially, the court must make a decision based on time and the information available. As such, the final divorce agreement may not be 100 percent fair or satisfactory for all of the parties involved.

A divorce cannot ensure that a person will maintain the standard of living that they are accustomed to. It is ultimately cheaper for two people to live together, so both individuals or the person with the smaller salary may have to make some lifestyle changes. Furthermore, the court cannot resolve all of a person’s emotional issues connected to the divorce. The court cannot punish the other spouse for their behavior during the marriage.

Although there are many things that a divorce cannot do, the things it can do can make it easier for both former spouses to move on with their lives. If the former couple can work together to reach an agreement, they can save time and potentially dissolve the marriage without major conflict. A family law attorney may represent one party while negotiating a settlement that determines how the marital property will be divided. In addition, the lawyer may also assist with negotiating child custody and child support.


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