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3 reasons to consider mediation

On Behalf of | Jan 31, 2022 | Arlington Family Law Blog |

Ending a marriage is stressful, emotional and often complicated. Choosing to separate your life from your partner’s is a major life choice.

In a traditional divorce, you argue your case in a courtroom. It is a costly and lengthy procedure, adding additional stress to the separation. Mediation is an alternative option to a standard divorce with many benefits.

1. You have more say in what happens

In mediation, a trained mediator works with you and your spouse to help find resolutions to all decisions. The mediator is not a judge and cannot make decisions for you. The mediator will work with both parties to find mutually approved solutions. Alternatively, a judge makes the final decisions for you in a courtroom in a traditional divorce.

2. You can preserve family relationships

The goal of mediation is to resolve issues as amicably as possible. Both sides work with the mediator to find solutions that work for everyone. This is extra beneficial for couples with children who will remain in each other’s lives in some capacity. A mediator can help work out living arrangements and visitation schedules that satisfy everyone. Children benefit from having parents who can remain civil and kind to each other.

3. You can protect your privacy

Anyone can visit a public courtroom and witness the details of your divorce. Mediation is private. You and your spouse meet privately with a mediator behind closed doors keeping all of your information confidential.

Mediation is a less costly alternative to divorce. The costs for divorce fluctuate greatly depending on your situation, but all divorce costs include court costs, filing fees, experts and fees for other professionals. Mediation is not free but costs significantly less than a divorce.


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