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The benefits of divorce mediation

On Behalf of | Apr 16, 2020 | Divorce, Mediation |

If there is one point that we should make abundantly clear regarding divorce litigation, it is that the process is not a family friendly one.  It is stressful for all involved, and can take a particularly negative toll on children. Divorce litigations tend to become very public matters, as tensions rise and tempers flare, parties begin to recruit support for outsiders. This can only make matters worse and more difficult to settle.

A great and highly recommended solution to divorce litigation is divorce mediation. This is a process which has many benefits, including a much greater chance of resulting in a more positive and productive outcome. First and foremost, the mediation process offers privacy. Whereas litigation can take place in a public courtroom, mediation takes place in an office behind closed doors.  This is a huge benefit, especially where children are involved.

Mediation can also be a much more cost friendly approach.  Divorce litigations are well-known to costs significant amounts in legal fees by the time a settlement is ordered. A meditation will cost far less in hourly attorney fees and expenses.  In addition, if parties can be amicable enough to discuss custody agreements with each other, the situation can have a better outcome for the children, rather than a judge having to make custody and visitation decisions.

Mediation is a great option to discuss with your divorce attorney, who can act as a valuable resource in resolving matters peaceably and without unnecessary conflict. If there is any possibility of children being able to maintain stable relationships with both parents after a divorce, it should be an option that is explored at all costs.


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