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Avoiding courtroom drama through divorce mediation

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Nowadays the word alternative is attached to many phrases, such as alternative music, alternative medicine and alternative food choices. It’s not surprising then, that there are also new alternatives where family law matters are concerned. In fact, if you’re preparing to divorce in the near future, you may want to consider a popular alternative to litigation known as divorce mediation. This is a process where you agree to allow a third party to facilitate a dispute resolution process as you seek an agreeable settlement with your soon-to-be former spouse.

This idea might really appeal to you if one of the key factors leading to your divorce was a breakdown in communication with your spouse. Especially, if you happen to be among other divorcing spouses in Virginia who can barely exist in the same room together without arguing, divorce mediation might be the most viable option in your particular circumstance.

Are your top goals listed here?

Coming to terms with the fact that your marriage didn’t last a lifetime is an intensely personal and often highly emotional traumatic experience. Keeping divorce stress to a minimum may be key to successfully moving toward a new lifestyle. If you’re trying to determine whether divorce mediation is the way to go, you may want to review the following common goals many people who choose this alternative have in mind:

  • Try to overcome communication problems to achieve an amicable agreement
  • Prevent emotional outbursts and contentious debates in court
  • Obtain a divorce settlement in a cost-effective manner
  • Avoid litigation, if possible
  • Keep stress levels to a minimum
  • Expedite divorce proceedings

Current divorce statistics vary, depending on what studies you read. Some suggest as many as half of all marriages end in divorce these days. Others say there’s been a decrease in the number of people filing for divorce. All that matters with regard to your own situation is finding the best means to help you satisfy your needs and achieve your ultimate goals. For many in Virginia, mediation through experienced guidance is the perfect choice. Support networks are available to provide necessary assistance for those seeking alternative dispute resolution options.

While you are able to request mediation sessions, there are also times when the court mandates such meetings. In fact, it’s currently the most common type of early conflict intervention and dispute resolution implemented in most states. A good person to speak with about the mediation process is an experienced family law attorney. As your personal advocate, an attorney can explain how divorce mediation often helps lower the financial cost and emotional toll associated with divorce litigation.


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