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What do studies say about joint custody?

On Behalf of | Dec 21, 2022 | Legal Custody |

Parents going through divorce still want what is best for their children. This includes choosing a custody method that benefits their children well.

Fortunately, studies about joint custody show that it serves as an excellent option for many different families.

Joint vs sole custody parenting

The National Library of Medicine talks about how joint custody applies to families in divorce. Studies done across the world and over many years have shown that many families do benefit from joint custody. Not only do the children in these situations, but the parents often do as well.

However, the studies largely focus on the impact of joint custody on children of divorce, especially as compared to children who experience sole custody.

These studies show that children who experience joint custody tend to have better and healthier coping mechanisms developed and learned at a younger age. These skills tend to stick with the children as they age into adulthood.

Related to coping mechanisms, these kids seem to struggle less with unhealthy addiction and addictive behaviors in their adult years. By comparison, children of custody have higher rates of alcoholism, nicotine addictions and gambling problems.

Improved relationship skills

The same goes for relationship skills. Children who experience joint custody seem to have better skills when it comes to creating, forming and maintaining bonds with other people. As with coping mechanisms, these skills last through childhood and into adulthood.

Needless to say, joint custody may not work for every family equally. However, the potential benefits it provides make it a good option for divorcing parents to try.


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