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Compromising on these matters can facilitate an amicable divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 17, 2022 | Divorce |

Every divorce is different, but it goes without saying that many can be highly contentious conflicts. Mutual willingness to compromise is often the key to achieving an amicable divorce that makes a healthy relationship possible after the split.

Keep in mind that the Virginia courts offer mediation services that help spouses reach fair and agreeable terms when seeking compromise in a divorce. By knowing how to approach the most sensitive matters, you can enter the mediation process with the right mindset.

Asset division

Determining the distribution of marital assets can be difficult when each individual is vying for the house, the bank accounts and the retirement funds. You can reach a positive outcome by voicing your priorities and expressing the will to sacrifice other assets to secure the ones that matter most to you.

Business ownership

The family business is a particularly complicated marital asset. Reaching a healthy compromise concerning the business can prevent the need to liquidate the company entirely.

Child custody

Discussing options regarding child custody might understandably be the most heated aspect of your divorce proceedings. Always remember that your child’s best interests are what matters most, even if that means surrendering primary custody to your soon-to-be ex-spouse. However, you also should not forget your right to advocate for a compromise that enables you to spend a healthy amount of time with your child.

If you and your spouse are unwilling to compromise in your divorce, the court will ultimately rule impartially on important matters with little regard for your personal concerns. Agreeing to undergo mediation might be the decision you need to make in order to remain amicable with your ex-spouse and co-parent.


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