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Do you have to accept your spouse’s proposed mediator?

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2022 | Divorce, Mediation |

Even though there are many happily married couples in the U.S., no marriage is always perfect. If your marriage seems to have more bad days than good ones, however, you may be thinking about divorcing your spouse. Still, having an expensive courtroom battle simply does not appeal to you.

With divorce mediation, you and your spouse work with a third party to come up with solutions to your divorce-related problems, such as property division or child custody. This alternative to conventional divorce is typically considerably less expensive than litigation.

Picking a mediator

According to Psychology Today, divorce mediators lack the authority to make binding decisions. That is a task that typically falls within the job description of judges. By contrast, mediators use their talents to facilitate cooperation between divorcing spouses.

Consequently, it is essential to pick the right mediator for your specific needs. By taking some time to find an appropriate mediator, you are likely to maximize your chances of staying out of court.

Agreeing on a professional

You and your soon-to-be ex-spouse may each come up with a list of potential mediators. If your husband or wife has one he or she wants to use, though, you have some work to do. That is, you should research the mediator to be sure he or she is compatible with your style and interests. If not, you should not be afraid to reject the mediator and propose an alternative.

After you and your spouse select your divorce mediator, you may want to consider working with your own attorney. Ultimately, a competent divorce attorney can counsel you through the mediation process, helping you make the right decisions when ending your marriage.


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