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How do you maximize divorce mediation?

On Behalf of | Jan 31, 2022 | Arlington Family Law Blog |

Couples who want to mediate their divorce rather than go to court deserve to make the most of the alternative dispute resolution option. Understanding the process better helps couples make the most of it.

LinkedIn offers suggestions for maximizing divorce mediation. Gaining deeper insight into dissolving a marriage outside the courtroom may help couples start the next chapter of life on the right note.


Just like marriage, mediation usually works most favorably for couples who commit to the process fully. During the initial meeting with the mediator, couples often have a better experience if they answer questions about ending their marriage and what they hope to get out of mediation honestly. Committing also involves sharing essential documents as quickly as possible.


When spouses first meet with their mediator, they may receive instructions on how to prepare for the process and keep things moving. For instance, spouses may need to let a professional estimate their marital home’s value for the asset division phase of divorce. Taking notes during the meeting and asking questions may better ensure couples divorce sooner rather than later.


Mediation involves the spirit of compromise, and listening is an essential component of compromise. Couples must strive to listen to each other and their desires with an open mind. Letting the mediator do her or his job without interrupting or resisting the process may help couples to differentiate what they want from what they need from their post-divorce lives.

Choosing mediation could become one of the most favorable options a divorced couple makes. Knowing how to maximize mediation’s advantages could improve the option further.


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