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How can you reduce stress while talking with your co-parent?

On Behalf of | Jan 17, 2022 | Divorce |

After a stressful divorce and a rough marriage, you may feel as if having a productive and calm discussion with your ex-spouse seems impossible.

However, there are many ways to reduce the worry you experience as you talk about parenting with him or her.

Prepare before beginning

According to Psychology Today, coming into a discussion with a sense of mindfulness can allow you to stop overreacting during the talk. Feeling overwhelmed before you sit down can lead to screaming matches and circular conversations that go nowhere.

When dealing with parenting topics, you should accept that your emotions are going to be running high. Practicing breathing techniques often helps people stay grounded and calm.

Keep it formal

Although your first instinct may be to bring up personal stories and topics from years ago, that can cause more arguments. Instead, try taking steps to keep your conversations more formal and less likely to make either one of you angry.

Using texting and emailing can allow for more time to reread and edit your message before sending it. This format lets you keep your tone civil and appropriate so that you can get as much discussed as possible without any disagreements.

Focus on the children

Keeping your focus on the children and what you both want as an outcome while making a parenting plan can help you to feel accomplished afterward. Many co-parents may lose sight of the fact that they are a team, and instead, get weighed down in the details of any small disagreement.

Being able to set aside minor differences in opinion by thinking about what your children need can help you feel less stressed as time goes on.


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