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How may social media accounts affect a divorce?

On Behalf of | Jul 24, 2021 | Divorce |

Grounds for divorcing a spouse in Virginia include abandonment and adultery. If your spouse has spent an unreasonable amount of time online, it may have negatively affected your marriage or children.

As reported by USA Today, mobile devices may contain evidence that a spouse intends to abandon a marriage. If you find yourself involved in a divorce, the discovery proceedings may uncover important details by using technology to review digital communications.

Relevant Information may become available through the internet

In some cases, a spouse may have carried on an undisclosed relationship that he or she fostered entirely over the internet. Files stored online, including audio and video messages, may appear on the surface as routine documents used for work.

When opening a file, the first few pages may contain typical text or images found in ordinary business communications. After scrolling down, however, the file may reveal contents such as images of a romantic partner.

Social media may serve as evidence in divorce cases

If you allege your spouse had an extramarital affair, you may use social media content found online to prove your claims. As noted by the American Bar Association, images found on social media may provide evidence in a legal proceeding.

A spouse attempting to show a low income to pay less in support, for example, may need to explain to a divorce court judge how he or she could afford a new sports car appearing on a social media profile. If a spouse requests child custody, images of an ex’s “party” lifestyle may persuade a judge to review his or her ability to care for children.

A divorce may include requests for financial support and child custody. Contents found online may disclose whether an individual had an affair or if they may afford a more favorable payment arrangement.


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