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Assault charges and child custody petitions

On Behalf of | Feb 24, 2021 | Uncategorized |

Whether you worry about your safety or your child’s well-being or you find yourself facing assault allegations, make sure you understand how these charges can impact custody matters, including child custody petitions. In fact, assault allegations and other accusations (such as claims of domestic violence) affect parents in various ways and some lack familiarity with their legal rights.

Regardless of the unique challenges you face, make sure your child’s best interests remain a top priority.

Custody petitions and felony assault

According to the Virginia Law Library, felony assault charges can affect parents in different ways when it comes to custody and visitation. For example, those convicted of felony assault involving the other parent or a child residing with the other parent are sometimes barred from filing petitions regarding custody or visitation for up to 10 years. These restrictions can arise if the custodial parent files a petition and the court finds that this outcome protects a child’s best interests. From assault resulting in serious bodily injury to felony sexual assault, these charges can affect a parent’s ability to see their child.

Custody petitions and your children

Whether you are facing false allegations of felony assault or you have concerns about your child’s safety because of the other parent, make sure you carefully reflect on their needs. Moreover, understand the emotional impact of these circumstances and provide your child with peace of mind and answers to any questions they have, if possible. Sometimes, parents feel hopeless when these challenges come up, but you need to stay determined and review legal strategies that benefit your kids.



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