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Will Spousal Support Be Awarded in my Divorce?

On Behalf of | May 14, 2020 | Divorce, Spousal Support |

Spousal support is a divorce-related topic that can cause confusion and contention in Virginia residents who are considering ending their marriages. That is because while it is expected that two married people will financially support each other during their relationship, it may not seem fair for one person to have to care for their ex when their marriage ends. However, when one party to a divorce is unable to provide for their own financial needs, their ex may be asked to pay spousal support.

Spousal support may be called alimony and is the money that one party gives to the other pursuant to the terms of a divorce. In Virginia, spousal support is based on need and courts can assess a number of factors to determine if it should be awarded in a particular divorce case. While readers are encouraged to review the information contained in this post, they should remember that it does not offer any legal advice or guidance.

Considerations of need for the purpose of awarding spousal support may focus on the prospective recipient’s ability to earn their own income. If a party has not worked in many years or does not have the education to apply for work, their ex may be asked to provide them with support. Similarly, if a party is injured, ill, or otherwise incapable of working, spousal support may be viewed as a need.

The ages of the parties, the length of their marriage, their assets and wealth, and many other factors can be evaluated when a court must decide if spousal support is justified. Individuals who have questions about spousal support should talk to their divorce and family law attorneys to determine how these and other matters may resolve in their own legal cases.


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