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Who gets the Dogs, Cats, And Pets in Divorce? Part 1 of 2

On Behalf of | Nov 7, 2018 | Divorce |

The law has traditionally treated DOGS AND CATS and other PETS as personal property in divorce cases. Divorce courts consider a pet just as they would any other piece of property, like household furniture. As insensitive as this is, if the court even agrees to listen to your pleas for custody of your pet, it will either treat the pet like dividing of a piece of furniture. Or the court might just say it does not deal with pets and force you and your spouse to work it out. This seems a very cold approach, given the close bond and attachment with have with our pets-they are part of the family and closely bonded and attached to us and our kids. But it is the law. The law does not care about the best interests of the pets. Having said that, arguments can be made to appeal to the court to consider the special circumstance involving a pet. 


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