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School year planning following a divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 10, 2018 | Divorce |

Divorced parents in Virginia can help their children with the transition by planning for the school year ahead. They can start by sitting down with them to talk about academics, relationships, jobs and extracurricular activities. Children may also have certain challenges ahead they can discuss with their parents.

To get the school year started right, parents can help their children create a list of their three top goals. It is best if this conversation can happen with both parents present. If that is not possible, it’s important for a child to meet with each parent separately. Parents may also need to think about expenses that are not covered by the child support agreement. This could include things such as extra school supplies or special occasions such as homecoming. Other expenses could be unexpected health care costs if the child is sick.

For some expenses, children who are old enough to work may be able to contribute. However, parents can also teach children about expenses even if they are not contributing their own money. Children can be responsible for registering themselves for various activities and be encouraged to track costs. Parents can also begin teaching responsible spending, saving and credit card use. This will help prepare them for college and young adulthood.

Parents may have a less difficult time working together on these issues if they have a negotiated child custody agreement. These negotiations can lay the groundwork for a successful co-parenting relationship. An attorney may be able to assist a client in these negotiations. However, in some cases, this may be difficult. An attorney could help create a parenting plan that establishes how parents will communicate in order to minimize conflict.


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