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Preparation before filing for divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 19, 2018 | Divorce |

Many people in Virginia and elsewhere around the country choose to get divorced after the holidays. The number of divorce filings surges in January of each year. People that are planning to get divorced should do several things in order to properly prepare.

Prior to an appointment with a family law attorney, a person should first gather all of his or her financial information. This should include either W-2s or the last paystub of the year. People should also gather their bank account, bill and retirement account statements and their tax return for the past year. It might also be a good idea for someone to run credit reports for both him or herself and his or her spouse.

People should also try to avoid using social media, and it might be smart for them to review their posts and self-edit before filing for divorce. Divorce lawyers often delve into social media accounts to gather evidence that they can use against their clients’ spouses. People should write down the questions that they have about the divorce process and bring them to their consultations with the divorce lawyers.

People who are planning to get divorced may also want to take some time for themselves. They may benefit from talking to counselors, going to the gym and engaging in other self-care activities. Many people face significant stress during divorces. Family law attorneys may offer guidance to their clients about what they might expect during the process. Lawyers may be able to negotiate full agreements outside of court instead of needing to litigate the outstanding issues. Attorneys may help their clients approach their divorces without bitterness so that they may go faster and more smoothly. While divorces may be difficult, people should remember that they can get through them and move on with their lives afterward.


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