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Finding a divorce team

On Behalf of | Dec 6, 2017 | Divorce |

Divorce is understandably challenging for many people. However, some spouses have a harder time ending a marriage than others. There are several factors that could make a divorce less or more difficult, but there are some aspects of divorce that a person can control in order to make the process more bearable. Virginia residents may need to take special consideration when building a support team after a divorce.

Not everyone uses the services of a professional for a divorce, but most people still have unofficial support systems like family and friends. Some analysts believe that getting through a divorce relatively unscathed is much more likely if a spouse assembles the correct team to handle emotional and financial matters.

The team one needs for a divorce may include a financial advisor, matrimonial attorney and therapist. It is important to look for professionals who have the required experience. A certain amount of natural chemistry is also needed. Since a divorce sometimes takes months or years, one needs professionals that they can get along with. The professional should also be able to communicate effectively, especially when it comes to fees and payment.

When assessing financial matters, assistance may be needed for reviewing a financial history and planning for future decisions. A financial advisor could also be needed for evaluating settlement proposals. The knowledge a team needs will vary based on the situation.

When going through a divorce, a couple may need to think about property division, alimony and child support. Typically, the process goes smoother when both parties can communicate and compromise. Even when working together, each person may still need an attorney’s assistance. If a couple has trouble reaching an agreement, mediation or negotiation might be necessary.


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