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Signs that it’s time for a divorce

On Behalf of | Oct 19, 2017 | Divorce |

An outsider may be able to tell a Virginia couple when it is time to quit their marriage. However, it could be more difficult for someone who is actually in a toxic relationship to know when to call it quits. Individuals who are considering a divorce may want to pay attention to some specific signs.

Those who are living with an addict might want to stay true to their vows and not give up on their spouse. Unfortunately, this could be difficult if that spouse carries on his or her addictive behavior in secret after promising to get the behavior under control. In the event that a partner is abusive toward an individual or child, it might be worthwhile to exit the relationship immediately.

It is important to note that abuse can take a variety of forms. For instance, a partner could be emotionally or verbally abusive even if no physical contact is made. Even if a partner acts out when stressed, there is no reason why a person should put up with that type of behavior from a significant other. It may also be naive to think that a partner will change over time.

Talking to a lawyer who understands family law issues may be advisable for those who are contemplating getting a divorce. It could make it easier to learn more about issues such as property division, child custody and alimony. An attorney could also review a prenuptial or any other agreement that a client may have already negotiated with a spouse. If such an agreement is determined to be valid, it may allow for a marriage to end in a timely manner.


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