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Factors that increase the likelihood of divorce

On Behalf of | Oct 24, 2017 | Divorce |

Some Virginia spouses may wonder what makes a couple more vulnerable to divorce. Data from various sources provides some answers. For instance, physically attractive couples are often more likely to get a divorce. Higher divorce rates are also linked to higher wedding costs. Couples who spent more than $20,000 had the highest divorce rate while those who spend less than $1,000 had the lowest.

Women who grew up in religious households are less likely to divorce. If men and women finish college, their marriage is more likely to last at least 20 years compared to those who did not finish college or those with just a high school diploma. Couples who have similar alcohol consumption patterns are also more apt to stay together.

The data around age at marriage is complex. People who marry in their late teens and early 20s as well as people who marry after 32 have a higher likelihood of divorce compared to people who marry in their late 20s and early 30s. However, first marriages are more likely to last than subsequent marriages.

Children whose biological parents divorced are more likely to divorce themselves. Having a child within the first seven months of marriage means a higher likelihood of divorce as does having a first-born daughter instead of a son.

Children may also be one of the main concerns in a divorce. In addition to property division, parents may need to negotiate child custody and visitation. A judge may also make decisions about these issues; however, that will take the power over the outcome out of the parents’ hands. For this reason, even if the separation is contentious, parents may prefer to try to negotiate a divorce agreement. Attorneys may assist during negotiations.


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