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How an estranged couple can prepare for mediation

On Behalf of | Sep 5, 2017 | Prenuptial Agreements |

The end of a marriage can be a difficult time for all parties involved. However, Virginia couples can avoid divorce litigation by considering mediation. Mediation allows both parties to try and work together to come to an agreement on important family law issues like child custody and property division. Because both parties are involved in reaching an agreement, they are more likely to be happier with the results. However, both parties can make the process a bit easier by preparing for it.

When both parties agree to mediation, they should be prepared to expect a number of possible outcomes. Successful mediation means that both parents may not get exactly what they wanted out of the process, but they may reach an agreement that falls within the spectrum of what they find acceptable. Being realistic is also important as parties may be more likely to reach an agreement if they are prepared to give and take during negotiations.

Both parties should also prepare concrete numbers regarding finances and assets, especially if they need to divide up marital property. Most individuals are far more comfortable making decisions about their financial futures if they can see the numbers in front of them. Physical documentation of the value of certain property, such as the family home, can help move the mediation process along much more quickly.

While most people think of divorce when mediation is discussed, the fact is that mediation is useful for a variety of family law issues. Regardless of the topic at hand, family law issues each party should be represented by separate counsel during the process.


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