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Misconceptions about the divorce process

On Behalf of | Jul 14, 2017 | Divorce |

Those who are going through a divorce in Virginia or any other state may find that everyone has an opinion about how to handle it. However, much of the information that a person receives may not be applicable to their case. For instance, a person may be advised that they don’t need a lawyer to figure out child support guidelines. This may not be correct as states may use several different factors to determine support amounts.

Individuals may also be told or already believe that they can save money by having one lawyer represent both spouses. However, an attorney may only represent one person in a case, and if both sides want an attorney, each person will have to hire separate legal counsel. It is also important to understand that giving up interest in a marital home does not necessarily absolve an individual from making mortgage payments.

Those going through a divorce may wish to create a document stating that the other spouse is solely responsible for paying off the debt. If the person who transfers his or her interest makes a payment, the other spouse should agree to reimburse that person. Finally, parents who divorce should be as honest as possible with their children about the divorce process unless they are too young to understand what is happening.

Anyone who is going through the end of a marriage may wish to talk to a family law attorney. This may be helpful because an attorney may be able to help with issues such as child support, alimony and property division. Legal counsel may also be able to help a parent obtain maximum parental rights, such as the ability to make decisions for a child in addition to obtaining regular visitation and contact rights.


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