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Employment situations for husbands a major issue in a divorce

On Behalf of | May 31, 2017 | Divorce |

Divorce happens frequently in Virginia and throughout the nation. With that, researchers try to discover common denominators as to why. For around four decades, women have been better equipped to leave a marriage because they became more independent and less reliant on their husbands. This changed the social perception of divorce.

However, research has shown that the husband’s employment status is a significant issue. Data spanning 46 years and more than 6,300 couples across the country was examined by a Harvard professor of sociology. With census data, the level of dependence women had on their husbands in these marriages was assessed. It found that a women who worked did not equal a greater chance that the couple would divorce.

The husband’s work status was far more important. Before 1975, this did not influence the chance of divorce in a major way. Since then, it has risen greatly. As women were seeking more career fulfillment, male expectations stayed the same. In other words, as women worked, men were still viewed as the main providers. Husbands who did not have a full-time job were found to have a 3.3 percent chance of divorcing. For men who had a full-time job, it was 2.5 percent.

The study did not look at the financial issues of having a spouse who was unemployed, but this can clearly be a problem in any relationship with bills being more difficult to pay and the problems that accompany financial struggles. Regardless of the reason for the end of a marriage , it is essential to have help when choosing to part ways. Speaking to a legal professional experienced in family law can be advisable.


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