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Employment status is related to divorce risk

On Behalf of | Aug 11, 2016 | Divorce |

Virginia couples get divorced for a number of different reasons. When people get married, they likely do so without wanting to think about the possibility of their union ending. Unfortunately, many marriages do dissolve. A study looked at one factor that is strongly correlated with a couple’s risk of divorcing.

A Harvard University professor reviewed data gleaned from more than 6,300 marriages in order to determine whether or not a spouse’s working status factored into their risk of divorce. Her research revealed that women do not have a higher risk of divorcing if they work outside of the home. Whether or not women work is not related to divorce risk. For women who were married prior to 1975, however, that is not true. For that group, women who did not fill traditional gender roles as homemakers did have higher risks of divorce.

Men in the study showed that they are still expected to fill their traditional gender roles as breadwinners. Men who do not work have a much greater risk of divorcing than do men who are employed. The author believes that this might partially be due to the fact that unemployed men are often involuntarily placed in that status, leaving both them and their families with added stress.

In some cases, marriages are simply not salvageable, leading people to want to get divorced. They might want to get help from family law attorneys for guidance through the process. Divorces are often highly emotional, and a lawyer may be able to give an opinion from the position of an educated outsider who is looking in. By taking the emotion out of the case, a lawyer may be better able to negotiate a settlement agreement that will benefit the client while also helping the client to end the marriage as amicably as possible.


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