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Two new domestic abuse laws come into force in Virginia

On Behalf of | Jul 13, 2016 | Domestic Violence |

One of the things that can have significant implications for individuals who have experienced domestic violence is what domestic-abuse-related laws are present in the state they live in. This includes what laws regarding protective orders are in place in their state.

At the start of this month, two new laws related to protective orders took effect here in Virginia. One raises the possible penalties for protective order violations. The other puts a 24-hour firearm surrender requirement on individuals who have a protective order related to domestic violence issued against them.

What laws a state has regarding protective orders can affect what degree of protection domestic violence victims end up receiving from such orders. One wonders if these two new laws will prove to up the safety of domestic abuse survivors in the state who are protected by protective orders.

Protective order laws are certainly not the only laws/rules that can greatly impact a victim of domestic violence and their family. Other examples include laws and rules regarding what impacts past domestic violence incidents can have in child custody and divorce proceedings.

There are many special concerns domestic abuse survivors may have when in these types of proceedings. Experienced Virginia family law attorneys can help family violence victims who are in child custody or divorce proceedings understand how the state’s child custody and divorce laws could impact there situation and provide them with information on what options are available to them in such proceedings for addressing the particular concerns and worries they have.

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