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Issues Facing Professional Couples In Northern Virginia During Divorce

For working professionals in northern Virginia and throughout the D.C. metro area, divorce can be particularly difficult. More than just dealing with the emotional challenges, there are numerous legal, professional and financial obstacles that should be addressed by an experienced family law attorney.

My name is Daniel Dannenbaum, and I have over 25 years of experience helping clients in Arlington and throughout the region make sense of their options when going through divorce and numerous other family law matters — particularly working professionals who may be concerned about protecting their interests.

Every Divorce Is Different, But There Are Key Considerations To Keep In Mind

Whether you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse both have careers or one of you is the primary source of income in the family, it’s important to act carefully and deliberately when going through divorce. Decisions you make today can affect your finances for years to come.

Below are a few things to keep in mind as we work together and move through your divorce:

  • Think big picture: If you’re a successful, hardworking professional, you know it’s sometimes helpful to think big. A similar concept applies to divorce. Instead of focusing on small, relatively insignificant details when dividing property or managing other aspects of your divorce, it’s important to think long term and make small concessions to protect what’s truly important, such as your relationship with your kids, your business interests or other finances.
  • Let’s talk honestly about your situation: Divorce and the circumstances that led to it can be difficult, even embarrassing to talk about. However, I can’t help you if you don’t tell me the truth or you leave out important details. I’m not here to judge you; I’m here to represent your interests.
  • It’s important to consider all your options: Divorce is an adversarial process, but that doesn’t mean you and your spouse have to fight. Mediation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) can be incredibly beneficial when resolving divorce matters. Not only can you save time and a lot of money, but mediation can also spare you a great deal of stress by reaching timely, amicable agreements rather than taking disputes to the courts.
  • Protect yourself at all stages of the process: As a working professional, you need to protect what you’ve worked hard to achieve or will continue to achieve. This goes beyond your checking or savings accounts. We will need to look at your investments, any retirement property you own, property and other assets you and your spouse share, and any other financial interests you have.
  • Manage your expectations: As your lawyer, I want to make sure you understand the law and how it applies to your situation. An important part of this process is managing expectations. By working together, we can map out your options, look for alternatives to going to court and attempt to resolve your divorce as quickly, quietly and painlessly as possible.

I understand that you have plenty on your plate. You have a career to manage, a life to live and, let’s face it, a serious legal matter to get through.

When you work with me, I make myself available. When you have questions, I’m ready to provide answers. Instead of trying to manage your divorce on your own, I encourage you to reach out and learn how I can put my more than 25 years of experience to work for you.

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