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Working For Fair Child Support Outcomes

Most parents who are divorcing want to do everything possible to continue to provide for their children. Child support payments are essential so that any children in a dissolved marriage can maintain the standard of living they were used to.

If you cannot afford to pay as much child support as your ex-spouse thinks you should or you believe your child deserves more, contact me, Daniel G. Dannenbaum, an experienced child support lawyer in Arlington, Virginia.

Fighting For Children And Their Parents For More Than 20 Years

Like all states, Virginia has a formula for determining what the noncustodial parent will pay in child support. It is based on income, the number of children and the amount of time spent with those children.

But circumstances change. A parent may lose a job, contract a serious illness or get a promotion. Child support payments can be modified, but it is best to consult with a skilled family law attorney to increase your chances of success.

Disputes over child support can get complicated. If a parent can work but chooses not to, it will be important to have an expert witness tell the court what the parent could be making. If you are a business owner who does not have any income because of business expenses, it will be important to have the proper financial evidence to prove your argument. With thousands of family law cases behind me, I know what arguments a judge will and will not accept when it comes to determining or modifying child support payments.

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Call my office at any time of day or night at 703-661-9151 or toll free at 800-615-8904 if you need help resolving a child support dispute or are in the middle of a divorce; you can also reach out to me online. As a skilled litigator and negotiator, I know what it takes to achieve the best outcome possible for my clients.