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Employment situations for husbands a major issue in a divorce

Divorce happens frequently in Virginia and throughout the nation. With that, researchers try to discover common denominators as to why. For around four decades, women have been better equipped to leave a marriage because they became more independent and less reliant on their husbands. This changed the social perception of divorce.

Couples are increasingly splitting over politics

According to a polling firm based in Virginia, couples are fighting more than usual about politics since the last presidential election. The firm conducted a survey of 1,000 people during one week in April and found that around 10 percent of all couples and 22 percent of millennial couples reported ending relationships because of political disagreements.

Links between gray divorce and financial status

Older Virginia residents who are feeling dissatisfied with their marriage has plenty of company. The trend known as gray divorce has been making headlines since the publication of a study from the National Center for Family & Marriage Research in 2012. Building upon this research that showed rising numbers of older people ending their marriages, the Institute for Family Studies investigated the causes of these later-in-life divorces.

Substance abuse and child custody orders

Virginia divorced parents who have worries about the welfare of their children while they are in the care of the other parent who has substance abuse problems may have legal remedies. They should know how they can protect their children without violating a current child custody order and at what point family courts can become involved.

Child custody battles

Divorced parents living in Virginia might find themselves involved in disputes with their ex-spouses regarding child custody and visitation issues. In an ideal world, people would be able to work out their differences and discover ways to co-parent without any conflict. However, there are situations where third parties, such as lawyers, mediators and even judges end up getting involved.

Separating before a divorce

Virginia couples who are having difficulty with their marriages may choose to separate and physically live in different locations. This action might allow tempers to cool and lead to reconciliation, or it could be a prelude to divorce. Either way, a separation requires consideration of the legal consequences, which could be costly. A divorce financial adviser recommends that estranged spouses prepare a formal separation agreement to protect their finances that the law still considers entwined by marriage.

Dividing a retirement account and the QDRO

Virginia couples who are going through a divorce and who need to divide certain types of retirement accounts will need a document known as a Qualified Domestic Relations Order. This permits the division of the account and may also be used to pay alimony or child support. The retirement account is divided equitably, but this does not mean that it is necessarily a 50/50 division.

Bankruptcy court rejects divorce decree

Virginia estranged couples should be aware of a ruling by a federal bankruptcy court regarding the authority of the divorce court. According to the ruling, an order issued by a divorce judge cannot determine whether an obligation is subject to bankruptcy relief.

The truth about child custody

Parents in Virginia who are negotiating child custody issues may be making important decisions based on common misconceptions that abound. There are several specific myths of which parents should be aware when trying to reach agreements.

The reason for higher divorce rates among older Americans

The divorce rate among Americans who are aged 50 or older has roughly doubled since the 1990s. In 2015, 10 out of every 1,000 married people who were 50 or older were divorced. This is compared to five people out of every 1,000 married who were 50 or older in 1990. For those who are 65 or older in Virginia and around the country, their divorce rate has nearly three times as high in 2015 as it was in 1990.

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