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Ways divorced parents can create constancy for children

One constant struggle for children of divorced parents in Virginia and around the country is learning to find normalcy in splitting time between two different households. The rules at one parent's home often differ from the rules at the other's, and this inconsistent style of parenting can cause upset in the adjustment ability of the children. While no one set of ideas will work for every family, there are steps to take in order to minimize any negative effects of parenting from different households.

Divorce mistakes with lost alimony deductions

Virginia couples headed toward divorce may want to learn all they can about property division requirements under state law and the tax consequences of dividing various assets. In addition to saving money for both parties, this information could also be useful during negotiations. One of the typical provisions of a divorce agreement is spousal support. Couples may use the beneficial tax status of alimony to harmonize other aspects of property division.

Determining whether to go through mediation or not

Once the decision to get a divorce has been made, estranged Virginia couples will need to determine how they want to go about actually ending their marriage. If the couple is able to work together, mediation may be an appropriate method. However, it should be noted that it will not work for everyone.

Financial planning for an impending divorce

When a marriage is stable, couples usually feel that their financial life is also completely joined. This often results in blurred lines when it comes to making financial decisions and sharing financial information. However, as some Virginia couples know, when a divorce is a possibility the financial aspects of the relationship can become very complicated.

The accuracy of child support calculators

Virginia parents going through a divorce may turn to child support calculators to get an estimate of how much they will pay when it comes to child support. However, parents should be aware that these can have flaws and may give a different amount than what the judge eventually orders.

What a divorce cannot do

Many Virginia married couples may feel that they know how the divorce process works. However, there are lots of misconceptions surrounding divorce. The process can accomplish some things, like property division and child custody disputes, but not others.

Careers with the highest divorce rates

Virginia residents might like to know about the careers that have a higher likelihood of divorce. People in these fields have higher separation rates, perhaps because job-stress can lead to marital problems. Military supervisors, logisticians and mechanics and automotive service technicians had the highest divorce rates.

Misconceptions about the divorce process

Those who are going through a divorce in Virginia or any other state may find that everyone has an opinion about how to handle it. However, much of the information that a person receives may not be applicable to their case. For instance, a person may be advised that they don't need a lawyer to figure out child support guidelines. This may not be correct as states may use several different factors to determine support amounts.

Child support modification

Many judges in Virginia award child support to custodial parents when approving a divorce decree. If the non-custodial parent experiences a change in income, he or she may be eligible to request a modification of the original decree. However, the change will not occur automatically. The parent requesting a modification must file a petition with the court that granted the original decree.

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